2020 Thank-A-Teacher 4 Social Justice Nominations Period

Thank-A-Teacher 4 Social Justice Nominator

Nominate a Teacher for Social Justice!

Raise your hand if you know a teacher*. Now keep it up if you know an educator who is doing social justice work in their classroom and the larger community. Let’s celebrate the educators who are working to create empowering learning environments for all youth!

*We use the term “Teacher” broadly: this could be a paraprofessional, administrator, after-school worker, classroom teacher or community-based educator.

Join us as we honor these educators who are helping build toward a vision of social justice. Remember educators must have 3+ years of experience doing this social jusitice work in the Bay Area, just complete the form on this page and submit your nomination.

Nominator please complete the information about yourself on the TOP, in case our review team has questions about the nominee. Then complete the nomination form BELOW with the information about the Nominee.
All fields are required - if this information is missing, we cannot process your nomination.

Thank-A-Teacher 4 Social Justice Nominee

Complete this next section about the social justice educator you want to nominate:

If "no" please be sure to provide phone contact info.
If you selected Indigenous Other or Other White please specify below:
Please describe: - How the person is a teacher for social justice. - What does it mean to this educator and how is it exemplified in their work? Write 200-400 words and include specific examples.